What is Birth ROCKS?

Birth ROCKS is our bespoke childbirth preparation training programme for the childbirth mentor who want to guide parents towards most amazing day of their lives. Even celebrity mums such as Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud has used Birth ROCKS sessions to help her prepare for birth and talked about Birth ROCKS in her OK! Magazine pregnancy column. Our Birth ROCKS sessions invite along mum and her birth partner and go into more depth regarding birth preparation and comfort techniques that are unique to them as individuals and as a couple. We look positively but realistically at what happens on the big day and how mum and her birth partner can make childbirth an occasion to look forward to and cherish.
We encourage parents to look within and get to know themselves and offer a range of comfort and relaxation techniques suited to the couple.

Why become a Birth ROCKS Mentor

The Birth ROCKS Mentor programme is a complete and comprehensive childbirth educator programme approved and accredited by IICT AND IPTI. We approach birth the belief that one size does not fit all and we want to help parents make their own path on their birth journey.

What does the training course cover?

The Birth ROCKS mentor programme covers everything you need to help guide parents on their journey towards birth. The programme is strictly accredited and is a full and comprehensive childbirth educators course. In addition to this we also provide information on teaching skills and techniques and access to our on-line forum of mentors across the world. Our sessions for parents cover three main areas and these are covered extensively in our mentor training programme, in addition to marketing and communication:

Birth ROCKS Mentoring and Communication Skills

Your guide to working with and mentoring parents through the pregnancy and birth journey. This module introduces you to the Birth ROCKS concept and methods and guides you personally on your journey to becoming a Certified Birth ROCKS Mentor.

Marketing your Birth ROCKS Business

When you become a registered BRA Mentor, you will also have access to the BRA website’s full set of birth and baby business marketing resources including the use of our logos, registered images, flyer and poster templates and pre-made social media posts. We keep you up to date with our national campaigns and you can catch up with BRA mentors in your local area using our forums too.

Physical Birth

The anatomy and physiology of conception, pregnancy and birth. What happens on a physical level including normal birth, different birthing styles and locations, care providers, interventions, pain medications, special circumstances and pros and cons and recent studies on all of these aspects of birth.

Spiritual Birth

Birth in cultures around the world and in history and the ‘birth’ of fear, the role of hypnosis for pregnancy and birth, releasing your fears of labour and parenting, deep relaxation techniques including body scan mindfulness of breathing, creating your birth space, the role of the birth companion, bonding with baby in utero and birth ceremonies including a Blessingway.

Active Birth

Helping parents ‘actively’ prepare for pregnancy and birth including: a variety of comfort techniques for labour and birth (ranging from labour massage to accupressure), the use of props and preparing a birth plan, breathing techniques for labour and birth, turning a breach baby, nutrition during pregnancy, the role of music and noise in birth.

How is the course taught?

The course consists of a number of home study and online elements including video, audio, downloads and a reading list and exams to consolidate your learning. You can take as long as you like to complete your studies and there will be on-going support throughout the course through our teachers’ forum and through email. We say roughly between 6 and 24 months to complete all coursework, reading and assignments, dependant on how confident you are in the subject area. You will also have a reading list of books and articles, online tests to complete and videos to watch. On completion of all aspects of the programme, you will become an IICT AND IPTI approved ChildBirth Educator . This is a world wide recognized qualification and is insurable as such.

What do I get as part of my training package?

When you join BRA, you will immediately gain access to all of the manuals and teaching tools you need as well. You also become a RBM Registered BRA Mentor and gain access to all of your materials from the mentors area.

You will automatically be registered on the BRA website and hold a BRA licence and ability to use the registered BRA and Birth ROCKS trademarks and marketing materials. The minimal cost of £9 per month also ensures that you remain part of our online community.  You get exclusive BRA mentors marketing materials and content,  access to our mentors forum and everything else you need to become a Birth ROCKS Mentor and run your own successful Birth business. Fore more details please click here. Everything you need is on-line, please no that no hard copy materials are provided.Project

How do I get started?

Just follow this link to purchase training now. You will be granted immediate access and you can begin your amazing journey towards life as a Birth ROCKS Mentor.

How much does Birth ROCKS Mentor training cost?

The entire course, with everything included at only £597.

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How do I register as a BRA Mentor (RBM?)

This happens automatically on purchase of training and you only ever pay one ongoing monthly fee, no matter how much training you do.