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image_2-1Birth ROCKS the book by  Cheryl MacDonald

It doesn’t have to be terrifying. You don’t actually have to dread giving birth. In fact, the day you give birth can be the most amazing day of your life. Birth ROCKS is a revolutionary approach to preparing for childbirth that looks at birth from a positive but honest perspective. Every mum and every birth are unique and your preparation for birth should be too. This book accompanies your personal journey of self discovery, uncovering and releasing your fears of birthing and helping you to find out what will work for you during labour. We won’t promise you a ‘one size fits all’ solution to childbirth, but we will present you with honest, positive and helpful information and stories to guide you towards a positive birth. The Birth ROCKS concept was created by Cheryl MacDonald, who founded YogaBellies and has worked with pregnant and new mothers across the world. Cheryl is a former business analyst, a perinatal yoga teacher, antenatal educator and mother of one. She lives in the west end of Glasgow with her husband and three year old son and splits her time between standing on her head and playing with lego. The Birth ROCKS book accompanies the Birth ROCKS Childbirth preparation programme

What people have said about the Birth ROCKS book

5 Star Rating Ellen Lee (president of the Independent Yoga Network) June 19, 2013

Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street) loves Birth ROCKS

“A fabulous book…..if it empowers women before during and after pregnancy then it gets my vote….and Cheryls honest account of her own experiences with pregnancy birth motherhood and yoga are very heartfelt.””I was looking for a birth book for my terrified of giving birth friend & stumbled upon this. I wish I’d found this when I was pregnant..the author uses humour and great knowledge to put across that birth does not have to be scary. She reminds us that the female body is built for this task but if it does become too hard then it’s ok to have intervention. In a society where everyone’s trying to be superwoman & compete, this non-judgemental book is just what we need. Lovely honest birth stories too.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book! Could not put it down!! 14 Jun 2013By StarShine82

“I’ve been looking forward to having a baby for a long time and, now that I’m actually pregnant, I have spent hours on end with my head in various books. This was one book that I just could not put down until I’d finished it!It is a very honest book and is written in such a way that it is really easy to read. It tells you what you need to know without throwing lots of scientific words and terminology at you. The writer is clearly a delightful character and this shines through in her writing.Throughout the book there are stories from other mums and mum’s to be about their pregnancy and birth stories. It was a really refreshing read and I think it will help a lot of people come to terms with the fact that you cannot 100% control childbirth and that you just have to go with the flow and do whatever is safest for mum & baby.The idea of ‘one birth does not fit all’ and the philosophy behind this book is very in keeping with my own beliefs and I would recommend it to any Mum-to-Be :)”

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