Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BRA a franchise?

BRA is not a franchise. BRA offer stand alone birth and baby professional training.

On purchasing your training, you automatically become a registered BRM, will be listed on the BRA website and hold a BRA licence and ability to use the registered BRA and Birth ROCKS trademarks and marketing materials. The minimal cost of £9 per month also ensures that you remain part of our worldwide online community of Mentors. No matter how many BRA courses, you undertake, only only subscription fee is ever payable.

Please note you can cancel your subscription at any time, but this will mean that you cannot use the BRA and Birth ROCKS brands and will not be registered on the BRA website as an official mentor or able to qualify as a mentor.

  • If I sign up for a BRA training course, how soon can I get access to the course?

As soon as you sign up you will have access to your chosen BRA course/s and all of the materials you need to get started, for as long as you need from the date you purchase the training. No need to wait around, get started changing your life right now! 🙂

All of your training and course materials will be accessible on-line for you, you will not be sent any hard copy materials or resources in the post. You will be able to download everything you need from the website.

  • Do I need to provide my clients with a ‘pack?’

There is no obligation to provide your clients with a pack for our courses, although we do make available resources which you can download and print and distribute or make up your own packs for your clients. This is entirely your choice, but we do recommend this as the handouts and workbooks were created to accompany the sessions.

We also provide a downloadable link to our pregnancy hypnosis and breathing technique downloads for parents coming to the Birth ROCKS course.

  • Is BRA a part of YogaBellies?

BRA is a separate organization from YogaBellies Ltd. BRA Mentors may not refer to or use the brand name YogaBellies in their marketing or to promote their sessions. YogaBellies is however, our ‘sister’ organization and we do refer clients between teachers and mentors as we all work together for the greater good of pregnant and post natal women. Cheryl MacDonald is the founder of both YogaBellies and BRA and both organizations share the same core ethos of ‘women supporting women.’

  • I am a hypnobirthing practitioner or NCT teacher, can I still train with BRA?

Absolutely! You are not tied to BRA in any way, so if you have trained with other organizations or offer your own brand of classes, you can still train with BRA and offer our courses.

  • Where do you run the training courses? / Do you do have any other locations?

You can complete all of our courses from the comfort of your own home.

  • I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds at BRA. As soon as you pay your training fee, you will have access to all of our course materials which we have worked very hard to ensure are of a brilliant standard and are accredited and insurable as such. In light of this we do not offer refunds, so please be sure that this is the course for you before you purchase.

  • What do the BRA training courses cover?

Everything that you need to be able to offer sessions and therapies in your chosen field. See each course outline for specific details. You will receive extensive course materials, related training videos, class or therapy plans as appropriate, handouts for clients, marketing materials, images and logos to use to promote your services as well as a training module on communication and facilitation.

  • Are BRA training courses accredited and insurable?

Yes, all of BRA training is accredited and insurable by the IPTI  and IICT. These accreditation demonstrate that our training meets very high and well recognised standards.

  • What if I’m not a birth professional already?

We offer training for all levels of experience, no matter what your background. If you are a midwife, please contact us as we may be able to offer you an additional discount on the Birth ROCKS training course.

If you are not already a birth professional, then you may need to dedicate some more time to your area of study, as expected.

  • How much does the training cost?

See individual course details.

  • Can I get funding for the training?

You would have to find out about this locally. All payments for BRA courses must be paid up front in advance of training. We cannot offer any advice on local grants.

  • Are there any practicals involved in the courses?

Your training may involves case studies, teaching practice and observations before you can qualify. The content and activities involved will vary as per course.

  • Is there an exam?

Yes, each of the courses have online exams which must be passed before becoming qualified in your respective field.

  • Do I have a time limit in which I have to complete my training?

You have ongoing access to your purchased course to complete the training. If you need longer, it’s not a problem. All we ask is that you register as a BRA Mentor at the minimal cost of £9 a month, and you can continue to access the materials for as long as you like. We understand that life happens, especially if you are working around a family. Each course takes a different amount of time to complete depending on the actual course. You can unsubscribe at any time, but will not be able to qualify or teach as a mentor, unless you are registered.

  • What materials are provided/what do I need to complete the training courses?

You will have access on-line to all of the materials you need to complete your training and qualify in your chosen field. There is also a reading list which you can purchase from our mentor’s book shop on-line. The reading list supplements your learning and there is compulsory and additional reading given.

  • Am I expected to be there for my client’s births?

No. We do not offer a midwifery or doula qualification and each of our courses qualifies you to work with parents and babies before and after birth, not during.

  • Over what period must I run the courses and sessions for clients?

This is entirely up to you but we do offer recommendations and guidelines as part of your facilitation training. We also provide communication and facilitation training modules in the Birth and Baby ROCKS training courses.

  • How much do therapists charge/how much can I earn?

This is entirely up to how many hours you have free to work/how much effort you put in.  It is up to you how much you charge for your sessions, although we will provide guidance on what you could charge for BRA sessions. Ultimately, it is up to you. We have mentors charging couples between roughly £50-£300 per session, but this is your choice and this example is by no way a guarantee of income. The success of your business will ultimately depend on the effort you put in using the resources that we provide 🙂

  • Does this qualification mean that I am a health care professional?

You will be a certified BRA professional, which means you will specialize in your field but unless you are a qualified physician or midwife, then you should not diagnose or provide medical advice as such. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

  •  What on-going support do I receive as a member of BRA?

You will have ongoing access to our on-line BRA forum and the support of the other BRA mentors worldwide. You will be able to use the BRA brand and related training names and accreditations to support your work. This obviously means that you will benefit from our worldwide established brand name and any national media exposure that BRA get. This will help your business and your courses every time.

We also provide logos, images and flyer templates for you to download and use as well as social media images to share locally.