How does it work?


When you sign up for a training programme with Birth ROCKS Academy, it’s very simple…


1. You gain immediate access to the BRA training course(s) you have chosen on our exclusive BRA Mentor’s website. You have access to your training materials for as long as you need – no hurry to complete. Here you will find your complete training course, all of your training handbooks and the BRA bookshop (which houses your entire reading list.) Please note that you do not receive hard copies of any materials, everything you need is on-line.

2. On sign up you automatically become a REGISTERED BRA MENTOR (RBM) which means you also have access to our active world-wide mentor forums, all of your BRA marketing materials and guide books to promote your BRA business, access to our mentor’s shop where you can buy branded uniforms and clothing. It also means that you have unlimited time access to all of your training materials for as long as you are registered. You will have a searchable mentor profile and listing on our website, to ensure clients of your credibility and you will be authorized to make use of the BRA and Birth ROCKS trademarks and marketing materials. All of this for only £9 per month which is set up on joining and only one monthly fee is payable, no matter how many BRA training courses you undertake. This is no obligation to register, and if you do not, you can simply teach under your own brand.

3. At your own pace, work through the designated modules using the on-line content and printable handbooks. Referring to your pre-made class outlines and ready-made parent handouts, begin your journey towards becoming a BRA Mentor

4. If you want to become a Certified BRA Mentor, you must complete the coursework and assignments for your course. This may involve on-line exams, written (or drawn!) assignments and/or case studies dependant on your choice of BRA training course.

5. Then you can head out into the world and offer BRA sessions for parents and babies! 🙂 You can choose do this under the BRA brand or under your own, it’s entirely up to you.


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