Parents Testimonials

What parent’s have said about our sessions…

“My husband and I had a very bad time with our first baby being born and we were so anxious about this time around. We signed up to Jenny’s London course and have done 2 sessions of the 4 so far and I have to say we BOTH found it really helpful. We feel empowered and very relaxed about our upcoming birth day and we could not recommend Jenny highly enough. My hubby NEVER normally talks about birth etc. (very quiet) but has been talking NON STOP about the course and has been really hands on with the meditation “homework” that is amazing! If you are going to do any course I would HIGHLY recommend this one. Will let you know how our final sessions go. I am so excited about them!….. I mean every word this woman is AMAZING!… It’s like the ultimate birth prep course where you along with BP [birth partner] discuss and work through things you are worried about or excited about and you get given a great pack with meditation CD’s, a book and a Birth Rocks birth plan – there is lead meditation and some AMAZING breathing techniques, I really wish I did this the first time around. It is 100 percent about you are a mum, you are amazing, you are made for this, bit like having a cheerleader. Also as Jenny is a midwife too you can ask her all the silly questions you don’t want to ask at ante natal – no judgement no “Oh The book says you must/mustn’t do that” for me it was just nice to feel the empowerment and know that my hubby was getting some support too. He said last time that he felt spare but like this time he is going to feel “part of it” the meditation and relaxation is amazing I love it!!!!!!! Plus Jenny Is BORN to do this type of thing she is so passionate about Birth Rocks and we really feel in safe hands with her. Also she wasn’t clock watching so nothing was rushed and it was just a really nice day for hubby and I too…. Should be on the NHS!”

“My husband and I attended Birth Rocks with Nicola and Jennifer when I was about 25 weeks. I was really apprehensive about giving birth and actually quite scared. I think this was mainly due to all the horror stories (why do you never hear about the good stories?), but more so, having no idea what to expect.
The Birth Rocks course is a fantastic experience to ensure you and your partner are fully prepared for what lies ahead. Nicola and Jennifer are extremely knowledgable and very passionate about what they do.
It is without doubt, that attending Birth Rocks (and the aquanatal classes), learning what to expect, I came away realising how important it is to stay calm and relaxed throughout labour. The coping mechanisms I learned (especially the breathing techniques) meant I was able to stay in the house for as long as possible. My little boy was born in the birthing pool (with just gas and air) 3 hours after initially arriving at the maternity assessment ward. 
Fantastic course! Looking back, definitely worth every penny! :)”

Lyndsey N, Glasgow

“My husband and I attended this course with Nicola at around 32 weeks of our pregnancy. We weren’t really sure what to expect exactly but Nicola went through each step from the first sign of cramps to baby arrival. We learned a great deal on many topics from breathing techniques to help with early labour to delayed cord clamping. The whole experience was really beneficial in that in contrast to the NHS antenatal classes this course allowed us to take part in exercises and activities as a couple and encouraged discussion on our fears/worries/hopes on our labour and delivery. This was so helpful in that I found there were fears that I had tried not to think about myself but by making me confront these fears and discuss them with my husband they became a lot less intimidating and i realised i could deal with whatever my labour threw at me. As Nicola herself is a midwife it was great to be able to ask her lots of questions, which she fully answered, no matter how inane the question was! This provided great reassurance and made my husband and I more confident in our ability to deal with what was ahead of us. The course I attended had only a few other couples on that day which was great as everyone felt able to chat openly on any topic. I would definitely recommend this course for couples to get more prepared for their upcoming birth.”

Helen B

“My Partner and I thoroughly enjoyed Nicola’s Birth ROCKS class. Her knowledge as a Midwife really made us understand the full birthing process. We would really recommend the course to mums and dads to be. I would also recommend her aqua natal class, the pool was the one place I felt comfortable and the relaxation session after gave a great chance to ask questions that Nicola not only as a midwife but also as a mum of 3 offered a wealth of experience.”

Claire M

We attended the Birth ROCKS course in July which was run by Nicola. I found it a fantastic course and Nicola a great tutor. It really made me understand the full birthing process and various coping methods and I came away feeling much better about the birth of our first baby. As Nicola is a midwife and a mum of 3 you know she is speaking from a wealth of experience too. I highly recommend this course for any mums and dads to be.”

Diane G

“My Partner and I throughly enjoyed the Birth ROCKS class with Nicola. We found her knowledge as both a Midwife and Mum of 3 to be exceptionally valuable. After the class we both felt so much better about every aspect of birth, and i know that without Nicola and Birth ROCKS we would not feel as relaxed and as prepared as we do now.
We are no longer worried about labour and the birth of our baby.. we are geared up and ready to go whenever baby is ready!
We can not recommend Nicola and Birth ROCKS enough. Worth every penny and minute.”

Dawn S

“Our Birth Rocks mentor Jacqui was our rock in the months leading up to Esme’s arrival, and we welcomed our baby into the world 100% naturally, but more importantly happy and healthy! Colin and I were mentally prepared and worked as a team through the labour. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so empowered and strong as a woman!! The whole BirthRocks and YogaBellies community helped me enjoy pregnancy and Birth, there is so many scare stories out there and so many reasons to feel terrible during pregnancy but this lovely bunch of knowledgable ladies made me feel amazing! I also attended YogaBellies pre-natal yoga and found this a fantastic way to relax as well as re-energise my tired, ever growing pregnancy body. Then, to top it off I also signed up to YogaBellies pregnancy massage with lovely Lisa. It was absolutely brilliant & having a bump never felt so good!

I’m pleased to say that Esme-Wild has followed suit, and we attend mum & baby yoga together. I couldn’t have wished for more, and i’m so happy and proud to be part of the YogaBellies family & helping other mummies. I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Sophie, Bishopbriggs

“Myself and my husband attended the Birth ROCKS course in December 2012. We are first time parents and felt we could use the additional antenatal course given my husband did not attend the NHS run course, and it appeared to address childbirth from a different perspective.

I had many fears about my upcoming labour and being a patient in hospital even though I am a health professional!

The structure of the course is designed to alleviate any of your anxieties no matter what they are or who you are. I was given the opportunity to actually realise what they were and explore those fears; and then given the tools to address them, and realise that they are not that scary!

One of my favourite parts of the course was the relaxation exercise. The midwives were able to show me how to relax through breathing techniques, simple spoken word and calming music. I have now purchased some music for my labour and regularly practice relaxing! It has so many benefits on a day to day basis as well as for labour.

The passion and enthusiasm for a positive fearless birth from Nicola is nothing but contagious. After spending time in her company and listening to her knowledge and story telling you leave feeling most uplifted, highly motivated and empowered that you can have the birth you want and that it won’t be a horrendous ordeal we are led to believe it is!

Added bonus of CDs and a workbook to take away home!”



“Highly recommend course and I’m now ready for labour!”I cannot recommend this course enough. I was, of course, completely ecstatic that I was having a baby but I was at the same time completely petrified – I had no idea how I intended to give birth, I couldn’t have a caesarean-that was too traumatic but I couldn’t possibly deliver?! Until I took this class that is!! After one hour I was convinced I was having a natural vaginal birth!! I was taught how the body works, understood clearly how our hormones and muscles work together and by using breathing and relaxation techniques I could achieve a stress free birth. After explaining to my girlfriends this is what I planned to do they laughed – they know me too well (I cry when I have a hangover!) But after I showed them how the uterus worked and what affect drugs can have on your body they were all having natural births!! This course will 100% help you overcome any fears you and your partner may have and educate you that little more about how your body works during pregnancy (it is amazing!!!) I really cannot recommend it enough. Ashleigh – Fearlessly due in 4 weeks 🙂 x”



“I attended Cheryl’s classes for the birth of my second daughter, Anna. I had not used any techniques with my first labour, and it had been lengthy and exhausting I’d had a nasty tear as well. However, after the preparation with Cheryl, Anna’s birth couldn’t have been more different.

The breathing and relaxation techniques she taught us in the classes, allowed me to work with every surge, rather than tensing and prolonging the labour like I had done before. I was a totally different woman…

I looked forward to all the classes; Cheryl created such a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I was able to really look forward to the birth. It also made a huge difference that my husband was able to be a real part of the birth, and given a role to play. I have recommended Cheryl’s classes to many of my friends, and Cheryl as a teacher.”


“Fantastic antenatal course with experienced midwife. I was quite nervous after a bad post partum haemorrhage with my first baby but this course was very reassuring. I stayed at home for most of my labour and gave birth two hours after arriving at the labour ward. My son was 9lb 14oz and I gave birth to him naturally with gas and air using the methods taught in this class. It also gave me the confidence to advocate for myself in labour and choose whether I felt medical interventions were necessary. Would highly recommend.”

Clare R

“My husband and I attended the Birth Rocks course with Nicola. We both really enjoyed it and found it beneficial. The course allowed us to try out practical techniques such bathing a newborn which we have found so useful with our baby now at home. As Nicola is a midwife the course provided the opportunity of asking endless questions on things that had concerned us in our preparation for bringing baby home. Nicola was able to dicuss all our queries in length and we left the course feeling a lot more confident and prepared for looking after our baby once the time came. I would definitely recomment this course for all expectant couples.”

helen B