What BRA Mentors have said about our training…

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(Birth ROCKS) Can’t think of anything I would change; I came away feeling prepared to teach the course. Jacqui

(Birth ROCKS) Great course and brilliantly written ūüôā Cheryl’s passion really shines through in her teaching and in he materials and class plans.¬†¬†Audrey

(Baby ROCKS) Nicola’s knowledge and teaching experience is fantastic and very helpful. She provided useful and relayed the necessary information in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Sarah

(Birth ROCKS) Brilliant course, really well designed and presented. I think parents will really like it. Sophie

(Baby ROCKS) I really enjoyed Nicola explaining things from a midwives point of view and why certain checks etc. are essential. Becca

Clear and concise teaching with open forum for discussion and course facilitators sharing stories related to what they’re teaching (I find a good story to associate with the topic I’m learning, helps me remember the information!) Austen

(Birth ROCKS) I loved learning all the breathing techniques and learning everyone’s experiences and learning from everyone else. ¬†Jacqui

(Baby ROCKS Massage) Teacher had great knowledge of baby massage, and answered any questions with great knowledge. Informal atmosphere; good fun. I felt like I learned a lot and would be confident to go away and teach baby massage. Claire

(Birth ROCKS Massage) Teacher’s handbook (i.e. and the the slides) were really helpful – a complete set, clearly laid out, and with good info. Great demonstrations of massage.

(Birth ROCKS) I found the course content easy to understand and will be comfortable presenting the course.  I put this down to my midwifery and hypnobirthing background. Nicola

(Birth ROCKS) The course was extremely well written and well delivered. Cheryl was extremely confident in her topic and it was obvious she was very passionate. Lisa

The Birth ROCKS training was great! and the handout was really informative especially the baby massage research pages. Also it was very easy to understand when reading through again when by yourself. Although I have not currently done any other courses having all this info is still great, I love hearing from all the teachers on the forums who already teach other classes and have heard some great examples on how to handle certain situations in class. Some great tips too for the future when i hopefully go on to train in other courses with BRA. Linzi