Why Train with BRA


BRA offers empowering, inclusive, on-line training courses for women who want to work around their family and have a rewarding career helping mothers during this very special time. We love all things birth and baby at BRA and we want to help you have a career working with mums and babies too. BRA is a special community of perinatal mentors across the world, united with the common focus of making pregnancy and parenthood as special as it can be.

BRA mentors guide parents through pregnancy and parenthood using their specialist knowledge and techniques. We don’t ‘teach’ class room style antenatal classes, we empower parents to find out what is right for them and their baby in a fun and welcoming environment.

We offers a range of unique training options encompassing a choice or combination of  on-line study, case studies, videos, slide shows,  webinar, forum and live on-line chats with our BRA Support Team.  You can do all of this in your own time and there is no pressure to teach or complete coursework, when you join BRA, it’s on your own terms.

To buy and access your BRA training online NOW…

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Who is BRA training for?

BRA training is open to everyone but may be of particular interest to: Doulas; Midwives; Birth activists; Hypnobirthers; Mothers; Teachers; Baby Massage Instructors; Pregnancy Yoga Teachers; Breastfeeding consultants; Sling wearing consultants; Life coaches; Massage Therapists and in fact anyone who loves pregnancy, birth and babies! No experience is necessary and we will give you everything you need to become certified and work as a BRA registered or independent (under your own brand) birth and baby professional.

Why undertake training with BRA?

We offer on-line birth and baby professional training of the highest quality. Our on-line training programmes are EXACTLY the same as our offline training with the same interaction, support, evaluation, assignments and accreditations. We’re just up to date and on-line now! BRA is all about supporting women and making our training as accessible to you as possible but also maintaining our high standards, so that you can make these classes and therapies available to women in your area.

What can I expect from BRA?

  • World-class training accredited and approved by the IPTI and IICT ;
  • You get ongoing access to training materials and you have unlimited time access your training courses as you automatically register on sign up as a  as a Registered BRA Mentor (recurring fee of £9 per month.) No pressure to hurry or complete your training or teach at any point. We understand that life happens and BRA wants to support your life choices.
  • A lively on-line forum of BRA mentors and therapists across the world;
  • Detailed handbooks, videos, downloads, handouts for clients and more as part of your package;
  • Marketing templates, logos and visuals to use or to create your own marketing materials for your birth and baby business;
  • Your choice to teach under our brand or under your own: it’s entirely up to you!*
  • Pre-written set class plans to get you started;
  • An on-line Mentor’s book shop and clothing shop so that you can purchase BRA branded uniforms and more.

What are the benefits of becoming a Registered BRA mentor?

When you sign up for BRA training, you automatically become a Registered BRA Mentor. The benefits include:

  • Being part of world-wide recognised group of birth and baby mentors and therapists across the globe;
  • Your contact details listed on birthrocks.com as a Registered BRA practitioner, reassuring your clients know that you are receiving constant support from your peeps on your mentoring work. Parents will be able to search for and find you in your area on-line;
  • Ongoing marketing and social media support of the brand and ultimately, your classes;
  • Use of the Birth ROCKS and BRA trademarks to market your services;
  • Ready made branded class plans and routines to use;
  • Branded handouts you can download and give to your clients
  • Ready made logos and marketing materials such as flyers and posters you can download to add your own details to;
  • Access to Registered Mentor areas of the mentor training site with exclusive content just for BRA members;
  • Access to the online BRA mentors shop where you can buy branded clothing, uniforms and props to use in your sessions, adding to your professionalism;
  • All of this for the mini subscription fee of £9 per month (which you can cancel at any time.)